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Reincarnated Rubbish is Val Hunt's critically acclaimed solo touring exhibition.

This retrospect exhibition of Val's includes a diverse range of creative recycling. It has continued to tour very successfully over the years in Art Galleries and Museums throughout the U.K. and Wales. It is forever changing as work is bought and new work added. Despite her use of manufactured materials much of her inspiration comes from natural forms, botanical and biological. Reincarnated Rubbish is full of witty, humorous, imaginative and thought provoking constructions which aims to inspire and encourage everyone to experience the fun of creative recycling.


queen and corgi
The Queen

Carpet rolls, plant pots, Gallery leaflets, Auntie Eileen’s teeth

Alcoholic Onions

Drinks can metal

tipsy humming bird
Tipsy Humming Bird

Drinks can metal

Reincarnated Rubbish-Endangered and Extinct is Val Hunt's new educational exhibition. It is made up of birds, flowers, fish, reptiles that are now extinct or endangered. It also includes a few dinosaurs and a free standing Terror Bird (extinct) and Amazon Forest Gorilla (endangered). They are all made from a diverse selection of throw away material. Short write ups are included with each piece to explain why they are endangered or extinct and how we can help.

Dodo (extinct)

Drinks can metal

Sabre tooth tiger
Sabre Tooth Tiger (extinct )

Drinks can metal

Greater Crested Newt {endangered}

Drinks can metal


Ammonite (Extinct)

Drinks cans