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Val Hunt retrieves those everyday things we throw away and presents them in a new and fascinating dimension.
Coming from a family of inventors she loves the challenge of solving the numerous practical problems that always arise when creating something. “So many people discard things without giving them a second glance.
The key to creative recycling is to look at a discarded item with fresh eyes and try and find its hidden potential”
After years of experimenting and discovery Val has developed her own unique style and the ability, with imagination and ingenuity, to see discarded material as something beautiful yet to be invented. She creatively recycles a diverse selection of throw away material but her favourite it drinks can metal.
From this she creates innovative sculptures,wall hangings and distinctive quirky jewellery.
Val’s jewellery is light, user friendly and easy to wear with the can’s graphics adding character and history.

Val in Studio

Val Hunt in her studio illustrated by her daughter Lucy


Val has been a professional craft maker for the past 27 years. She changed direction from being a Deputy Head teacher in a Primary school to taking a B.A. (Hons) Art and Craft Degree at University and following her craft making dream. Her work is always changing as she experiments and discovers new techniques and ways of using recycled materials. Val exhibits throughout the U.K. and abroad. Her artwork is featured in magazines and books, including Craft and Design and Pride magazines. She has been interviewed for both T.V. and radio regarding her work and her Touring Exhibitions.

Her work is in various collections in Art Galleries around the U.K. and U.S.A. It has also been in exhibitions for Craftspace , The Craft Council, The British Council Touring overseas, The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and at the Chelsea Craft Fair.

She lives with her husband James, a University finance director and has three children. Rebecca Hunt is an author and artist .Lucy Roslyn is an actress and illustrator and son Jonathan is a creative engineer working with the Bloodhound land speed team.

For more information about them look on the web for :-
Lucy Roslyn actress and illustrator. (for illustrations)
Rebecca Hunt author (Mr Chartwell, Everland) . Jon Hunt

bollywood butteryfly
Bollywood Butterfly

Drinks can metal



Welsh red dragon

Premium Welsh Dragon

Coca-cola cans

canned crustacean
Canned Crustacean

Cola cans