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VAL HUNT - Creative Recycling Artist

Arthunt, Val Hunt, UK, touring exhibitions (Reincarnated Rubbish and Endangered and Extinct ) Val makes wall hangings, sculptures, jewellery, hats, birds, fish, insects, reptiles, animals and extinct creatures including Dinosaurs.

matured stag
Fully Matured Stag

Drinks can metal

specialist mediaCraft and Design magazine selected awards.

In 2014 Val was awarded GOLD in special media.

selected makerVal was a selected /maker in 2013.

She won the NADFAS 1st prize in the 'OPEN '
exhibition at Rugby Art gallery in 2016

terror bird
Terror Bird (extinct)

Skip wood, drinks cans Lucy Roslyn's Edingburgh Fringe flyers and posters

Val Hunt retrieves those everyday things we throw away and presents them in a new and fascinating dimension. Her work recycles a diverse selection of rubbish but her favourite material is drinks can metal. From this she creates innovated sculptures, wall hangings, hats and jewellery. Val has two, solo touring exhibitions .Reincarnated Rubbish and the environmental exhibition Reincarnated Rubbish-Endangered and Extinct. These exhibitions aim to inspire, inform and encourage everyone to experience the fun of creative recycling.

For more information please look at Touring Exhibitions and What's on

Top of the crop
Top of the Crop

Drinks cans, bottle tops






Blue and yellow Macaw

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Budweiser bottles




Spring Jewellery

Drinks cans





Girl with necklace

Lucy Roslyn wearing flower necklace

Drinks cans

Bottle top Chameleon
Bottle-Top Chameleon

Drinks cans and bottle tops




Blue-Finned Tuna Fish

Drink cans